Celestial Hero Names

I’m a huge fan of science and I have a particular love of astronomy and physics. So when I came across a boy named Sagan recently, I was instantly taken with his name- it follows the familiar two-syllable ends in -n surname formula for boys, but it still stands out. Carl Sagan is a worthy […]

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The X Makes it Cool

I’d venture to guess that if there were a poll, X would be universally agreed to be the coolest letter. It’s unusual, mysterious, and denotes hidden treasure- cool, positive associations that may subconsciously play into the rising popularity of names containing X. Some of the X-iest options out there, ranging from common to rare: Xerxes- […]

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When is Name Stealing Wrong?

I recently read the lament of a mother whose pregnant sister-in-law was considering a name very similar to her daughter’s. The names were very similar (think Ann and Anna) but not identical. The sister-in-law had asked how they would feel if she used “Ann.” She had started a very specific name theme with her older […]

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Lyrical Bohemian Names

The post is a little late this week- my apologies! I’ve always been fascinated by a certain type of name. Names that are kind of hippie names, but a little more specific. There are a few qualities they share: They’re always words- often drawn from nature, sometimes from other languages- but always words that are […]

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A Tidbit from Every State

I’ve recently gone over the data for each state, and it’s fascinating! Lots of surprising bits in there. Here’s what stood out to me: Alabama- Like much of the South, Alabama parents often gravitate more towards “trendy” popular names like Kylee rather than “classic” popular names like Eleanor. But there’s one glaring exception- Margaret ranks […]

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Site News #5

Due to increasing professional demands, I’m no longer able to publish twice a week. Keep an eye out for new posts every Friday, rather than every Friday and Tuesday. I hope to return to posting twice weekly by September, but for now, it’ll just be Fridays. Happy naming!

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