A Brother for Alexis and Ava

My apologies for not posting on Friday- I’ve had an insane schedule, but it should calm down soon! Because I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to finish a complete post, but I did stumble across this video on Youtube that I thought I’d share. The couple featured has twin daughters, Alexis and Ava, […]

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Latin Word Names

I’ve done quite a few posts about word names (like this, and this, and this flowery one, and this one on my favorite type of word name) and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the topic. Today, I’m looking  at names borrowed from Latin. Nova/Neo, “New”- Nova, along with variants Novalee and Novalie, is catching […]

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Formal Names for Oak

I had an acting teacher in high school nicknamed Oak, and I always thought it was a great name. The oak tree often symbolizes strength and endurance, great associations for a name. But Oak seems a bit brief to me as a full name, so I’ve compiled a list of longer options: Oakley, Oakland- The […]

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How to Use a Word Name

I love word names. They’re more straightforward in terms of meaning than other names and often directly point to a positive association. But word names can be tricky; anecdotally, I feel like I see far more parents concerned about flow and “weirdness” with word names compared to traditional names. So I’ve compiled a list of […]

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Fascinating J Names

Part 10/26 Juniper- This name is catching on big time. In a few states, like Oregon, Juniper actually cracks the top 100, though it’s only ranked #352 nationally. It’s been rising steadily since 2011 and I expect it could crack the top 100 in the next few years. It’s definitely a name to watch. July- […]

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Rumi, Sir, and Other Name News

I just put up a new post this morning, but there’s breaking news in the name world: Jay-Z and Beyonce have confirmed that their twins are indeed named Rumi and Sir! Early on, the rumored choices were Shawn and Bea after their parents, but I was skeptical about that. The two names just felt wrong. […]

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Fascinating I Names

Part 9/26 Ismay- This name has murky origins, but could be related to sound-alike Esme or the ubiquitous Isabel. It’s a great, unexpected route to Izzy or May for parents tired of the more traditional options. Inigo- This Spanish name is often associated with the name Ignatius, as it was St. Ignatius of Loyola’s birth […]

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