The 2016 Data is Here!

It’s a very exciting day for name nerds everywhere- the SSA has released the statistics from 2016! While I haven’t had time to track down every new trend, there’s lots of great news. It appears that the SSA baby name website has had a makeover and added some great new features like quizzes and videos. […]

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Popular Names In Mexico

We’ve explored popular names in France, and today, it’s Mexico’s turn. I loved name spotting when I visited Mexico last year. There were lots of familiar names (like Maria and Angel) but also some surprises- I met three Lupitas in just one week! The Mexican popularity chart is dominated by traditional Spanish names, often religious, but […]

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Calling All Name Writers!

I’m considering making some changes to the blog, including adding a blogroll. So if you write about names on your own blog and you’d like to be included, let me know! You can comment below or use the contact form. In other news, my French Boy name post was reprinted (with some edits) on Nameberry […]

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Presidential Names that Weren’t Presidents

The landscape of presidential names is rich and varied. It’s so expansive that one family named four kids after presidents (Grant, Madison, McKinley, and Kennedy). Presidential names seem to follow a pattern: surnames, usually of English origin, with a dignified style and approachable nicknames. The names here aren’t presidential names, they’re presidential style names- reflecting […]

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