Fascinating M Names

Part 13/26

Magalie- This unusual French form of Madeleine (via Magdelene) makes for a highly distinctive but very wearable choice.

Mandolin- It’s more famous as a musical instrument (pictured), but Mandolin, and variant spellings like Mandalynn and Mandalyn, is occasionally used in the US. The popularity of the Mandolin crowd unsurprisingly follows the ups of Madelyn. About 5 girls received the latter two spellings last year, and Mandolin tends to hover around that mark as well.

Malachi- Originally an Old Testament prophet, parents of the 90’s dusted off this protestant-era antique and revived it to its current chic status. Malachi offers a long, biblical history and the trendy nickname Kai.

Milan- This Slavic name is a top 10 staple in many European countries, but until recently, it’s been relatively rare in the US. It charted fairly consistently for boys towards the bottom of the top 1000 in the early-mid 20th century, but vanished in the 1950s. Milan was revived in 2013 after singer Shakira chose the name for her son. Little Milan Pique Mebarak was born just as Milan was being resurrected for girls, and the name now ranks in the top 800 for both genders.

Megara- This Greek mythology name was made famous by Disney’s Hercules. It’s lovely and exotic, a great update for Megan, but beware: words derived from this name mean “shrill woman” in several European languages.

Mimosa- Everyone knows the alcoholic beverage, but there’s also a flower that bears the name. Mimosa is rhythmic and lends itself to lots of appealing nicknames, but the brunch connotations hold the name back.

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