Rumi, Sir, and Other Name News

I just put up a new post this morning, but there’s breaking news in the name world: Jay-Z and Beyonce have confirmed that their twins are indeed named Rumi and Sir! Early on, the rumored choices were Shawn and Bea after their parents, but I was skeptical about that. The two names just felt wrong. After Blue Ivy, a deeply meaningful and innovative choice, Shawn and Bea seemed too mainstream (especially Shawn). But when the Carters filed trademarks for Rumi Carter and Sir Carter a few weeks after the twins’ rumored birth, the internet correctly guessed that those were the choices. There’s also been a lot of guessing as to the inspiration for the two names, but the most frequently assumed origin is the 13th century Persian poet Rumi. The word “Sir” features in one of his poems.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever get an official explanation of the names. Much has been speculated on Blue Ivy’s name, and Beyonce has hinted about explanations, but there was never any direct comment from either parent about her name. Sadly, my guesses about the twins’ names weren’t correct, but I think I came pretty close style-wise. Throne and Say remind me of Sir, and Loom shares the “oom” sound with Rumi. And if the Carters add a fourth child to their family, I think Vrai, Lapis, Sojourn, and Rise would fit right in!

In other news, Namenculture made Feedspot’s list of the top 40 Baby Name Websites! That got me wondering whether I should set up a Facebook or Twitter page for the site. I haven’t yet because I assume the vast majority of readers wouldn’t be interested in following, and my readership isn’t huge, so it doesn’t really seem worth it, but comment below if you feel otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Rumi, Sir, and Other Name News

  1. I’m a big name person and love unique names on others. But I don’t like overly weird names that makes it look like the parents tried so hard to give their kid a super different name. I don’t like Beyonce & Jay-Z’s name choices at all – I’d prefer the more common Shawn & Bea over Rumi (it sounds kinda cute saying it but I don’t like how it looks) & Sir (wow)!


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