16 & Pregnant; or, The Show that Inspired 1000 Bentleys

The MTV series 16 & Pregnant premiered in 2009 and ran for 5 seasons. It ended in 2014, but two spin-off shows (Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2) are still on air. I, of course, was always interested in the names the young parents chose for their children.  Two of the names of babies featured on the show- Bentley and Gannon- had sudden, meteoric rises the year their episodes premiered. It’s hard to attribute their rises to anything other than the show; Gannon, for example, was unranked in 2011 (the year before baby Gannon was featured in the show) but ranked #843 in 2013 and rose again in 2014.  Bentley barely made the top 1000 in 2008, but shot up more than 400 places the year the show aired and then another 417 places the year after. Incidentally, Bentley’s mother Maci also seemed to have inspired parents, as her name has risen about 500 places since she first appeared on the series.

It’s hard to draw broad conclusions about the types of names teen moms choose from the names the girls on the show picked, but there are a few interesting tidbits. Aubrey was the most popular name for girls, with a total of three (though spelled Aubrey, Aubree, and Aubri) plus one Audrey.  Three boys were named Aidan, again in various spellings, plus one Eden and two Kaydens. There were three sets of twins, two with two girls and one with two boys. The parents of both female sets chose matching names for their daughters.

It’s been eight years since the show premiered, so all of the teen moms are in their twenties now and many have gone on to have more children. The names of all of the babies featured are below and siblings born since the shows originally aired are in parentheses. Names with asterisks were babies placed for adoption- to my knowledge, there’s no information available about whether those babies were named by their biological parents or adoptive parents.

Bentley Cadence (Jayde Carter, Maverick Reed)

Sophia Laurent

Leah Leann

Jocelyn Jade (Jayda Jewel, Jaelyn Zoria)

Weston Owen (River Blake)

*Carolyn Elizabeth (Carly)

Jace Vahn (Kaiser Orion, Ensley Jolie)

Lyle Thomas (Ellie Jade)


Aubree Skye (Weston Cole)

*Aidan Elliott

Jordynn Amelia Marie

Brooklyn Marie (Scarlett Elizabeth)

Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace (twins) (Adalynn Faith)

Summer Jayde

Isaac Elliott (Lincoln Marshall)

Brody Ryan (Ryley Jean)

Genesis Alexa (Giselle Isabella)

Liam Allen

Zakaria Sanari

Austin Carter (Ryland)

Destiny Brianna (Naomi)

Rylan Jayce (Bryce Harper)

Blake Ray (Silas Jude)

*Callie Danielle (Phoenix Roy)

Noah James (Arri Monroe)

Joshua Devan Jr. and Noah Matthew (twins) (Sebastian)

Miah Christine (pronounced like Maya) (Mason)

Jamie Paul Jr. (Jayleigh Ray)

Kylee Sue (Adrian Eli)

Preston Michael (Cedric)

Enrique Jairo (Called Henry) (Anastazia)

Kay’den Elijah

Aubri Rose

Aydenn Anthony (Christopher Eli Jr.)

Gannon Dewayne (Jaxie Taylor, Broncs Weston)


Nova Star

Aniyah Monroe

Arabella Elizabeth

Chase Alexander (Skylar Aris)

Kaylee Michelle (Ryleigh Paige)

Tristan Blaise (Meia Grace)

Tinley Louise (Tessly Jordan Lucille, Kerrington Ray)

Audrey Animi

Landon Levi (Layla Monroe)

Lukas Todd (Tommie Joseph, Layton Jax)

Aubrey Lynn

Drake LeSeuer

Kayden James Michael

Aiden Connor

Peyton Daniel (Connor Mace)

Amariah Dawn and Amayah Lynn (twins)

Peyton Reianne (Girl)

Laila Aubrielle

Eden Lavon (Boy)

Genevieve Shae

Dayton Cash

Rowan James (Samuel Joseph)

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