Girly Girl Names of Greek Mythology

Greek mythological names are a great new source of inspiration for parents looking for something off the beaten path. There are so many names in Greek mythology that they don’t fit into any one style- you can find names that are quirky and boyish, like Atropos, a little more familiar, like Clio, or totally on trend, like Athena. For parents looking for something extravagantly girly, there are plenty of options:

Harmonia- The daughter of Aphrodite and Ares, Harmonia was the goddess of (unsurprisingly) Harmony.

Hermione- Famous from Harry Potter and Shakespeare, the name was originally worn by the mythological daughter of Helen of Troy and Menelaus of Sparta.

Ianthe- Ianthe was one of 3000 daughters of Oceanus and Tethys (talk about a full house). Ianthe translates to “purple flower,” like Violet or Lavender.

Cassiopeia- This name is worn by multiple mythological characters and a constellation. It’s a great update on Cassandra, another mythological name that was most popular in the 90s.

Ourania- The muse of astronomy’s name can also be spelled Urania, but the O spelling minimizes the potential for any “urine” teasing.

Penelope- Penelope has really taken off in the past few years, jumping from below the top 1000 to #34 in the rankings in just 15 years. She was Odysseys’ (of The Odyssey) wife. Persephone makes a very similar and equally mythological but rarer alternative.

Atalanta- A huntress who refused to marry until a suitor beat her in a footrace (pictured), Atalanta is a fierce and independent female figure in mythology. Her name is charming and a nice route to Attie/Addie, but it could be confused with the very similar Atlanta.

Adrastea- She was a nymph who helped raise the infant Zeus, and her name is now also the name of one of Jupiter’s many moons.

Aglaia- The three charities in Greek mythology were Aglaia (Brightness), Euphrosyne (Joyfulness), and Thalia (Bloom). Aglaia’s name has the cute nickname option Aggie and fits in with names like Maya and Kaia.


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