Fascinating G Names

Part 7/26

Gaia- In Greek mythology, Gaia was the earth and mother or grandmother of dozens of other gods. Gaia is just a little different; it’s close to names like Maya, but distinct because of the hard g beginning.

Galatea- Another Greek mythology name. In this case, Galatea was a statue created by Pygmalion that eventually came to life. The Pygmalion character was inspiration for the name of a George Bernard Shaw play by the same name, which in turn inspired the musical My Fair Lady.

Genoveva- Genevieve is gaining popularity and this Spanish form adds flair to an already frilly name. I could see parents attracted to romantic names like Isabella gravitate towards Genoveva. It also boasts a plethora of nickname possibilities, from Nova to Eva to Genny.

Ghislaine- This French name, pronounced with either a hard or soft G, is a great option for parents looking for something unique or a novel route to the nickname Lainey.

Greyer- He was the child in the nanny diaries. Greyer could be a great options for parents seeking a formal name for Grey that have tired of Greyson.

Gunnar- This Gunther variant has been catching on since the 90s. The militaristic alternate spelling Gunner has now eclipsed the original.

Giosue- The Italian form of Joshua is pronounced something like zha-SWAY, a challenge for many English speakers. Nevertheless, it’s an unusual and appealing form of a name that’s otherwise a bit dated.

Gaetan- Originating from a Roman name, this name and its variations (including Gaetano, Kayetan, and Caietanus) are well-used in non-English speaking European countries, but have yet to catch on in the US.

Grover- President Cleveland and the Sesame Street character have knocked this name out of the realm of possibility for many parents, but I find that unfortunate. Grover has a lot of great attributes: its trendy -er ending, its nature-inspired nickname Grove, the long O sound popular in many trendy masculine names like Cole and Nolan.

Gannon- Gannon is fascinating in part because of its unusual trajectory on the popularity charts. An Irish name that shares a root (and meaning- “white”) with Finn, Gannon rested in obscurity until a star of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant chose it for her now 5 year old son.

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