Fascinating F Names

Part 6/25

Faraday- This rhythmic surname could make a great option for a girl, especially with nickname options Fay and Fara. Michael Faraday, a British scientist who contributed to the fields of chemistry and electromagnetism, is a famous bearer.

Fifer- Occupational names are popular for both boys and girls. Mason, Harper, Carter, Hunter, Piper, Parker, Cooper, Sawyer, and Ryder all rank in the top 100, so it’s surprising that Fifer has yet to catch on. Fife is a Scottish place name, instrument (pictured is the Manet painting “The Fifer”) and possible nickname.

Flannery- This surname, made famous by author Flannery O’Connor, is technically a patronym, but also has ties to the given name Flannghal. Flannghal means “red valor,” suitable for a redheaded baby.

Finnen- An older and rarer form of Finnian. Finn (meaning “white”) and its longer forms are catching on.

Fable- Word names are perennially popular, and Fable could catch on on the heels of Faye and Mabel.

Forester- Forrest, with a little more. It fits in with the surname trend for boys, but its three-syllable structure sets it apart from more popular names like Archer and Porter.

Finch- Like Finnen, Finch could be an answer for parents looking for something that’s like Finn, but isn’t quite Finn. It’s both a surname and a nature name, a winning combination.

Firuzeh- This Persian girls’ name has two possible roots: the first is the Persian word for “turquoise” and the second is the masculine name Firuz, which means “success.” It looks very exotic, but the sound isn’t unwearable. Variant transcriptions such as Fairuza make it seem a little easier for English speakers to wrap their heads around.

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