Names for Science Fans

I love science! It’s the best system humans have yet developed to acquire knowledge and it deserves to be celebrated. For parents who wish to do that with their children’s names, the names below might fit the bill.


Adam- Adam was chosen less for its meaning (“man”) and more because it’s a homonym of atom, the tiny particle of matter.

Galilea- Galileo would work just as well, of course, but I chose Galilea because it’s a bit more subtle, but retains the scientific connection.

Isaac- Newton’s work permeates modern science- from calculus, which he discovered, to gravity and the laws of motion, anyone who’s taken even high school physics has been influenced by some of Newton’s discoveries. His first name is more popular now than ever, sitting comfortably in the top 50.

Darwin- His theory of evolution is well-accepted in the scientific community, and his last name could be an interesting addition to the Dawson/Irwin surname crowd.

Watson- Watson and Crick are famous for their work on DNA, and Watson could catch on. It combines a lot of great trends for boy’s names: it’s a surname, ends with –son, and starts with a W. It was recently chosen by Teen Mom 2 and 16 & Pregnant star Chelsea Houska for her second child, and the series tends to launch names into popularity (Bentley has been a breakout name inspired by the series).

Verity- “Truth,” taken in the scientific sense.

Kelvin- This temperature unit used exclusively in science makes for a nice update on Kevin.

Gene- A pun! Gene is, of course, both a short form of Eugene and a unit of heredity.

Nye- If you want your little one to grow up to be a science guy.

Cosima- Cosima, and male form Cosimo, share a root with “cosmos.” They’re pronounced CO-see-ma and CO-see-mo.

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