Fascinating D Names

Part 4 of 26.

Drummer- Occupational names like Archer and Mason are hot, and I see no reason that Drummer couldn’t joint them. It’s a rhythmic name and, thanks to the Little Drummer boy, has a vaguely Christmas-y vibe.

Deckard- A variant of the surname Decker, Deckard makes a more interesting route to Dec than the rising Declan.

Djuna- Djuna Barnes, writer and artist, was the most famous and possibly first bearer of the name. Djuna comes from Barnes’ older brother’s mispronunciation of the word “moon.” Juna, the same pronunciation but spelled without the D, shares a root with Julia and Jupiter.

Djamila- Like Djuna, Djamila has the fascinating Dj- beginning. It’s Arabic for “beautiful” and the feminine form of Jamil.

Damaris- Damaris is a biblical name derived from the Greek word for “calf.” DAM-a-riss and da-MA-riss are both accepted pronunciations. Demaris is a variant for fans of the nickname Demi.

Delano- Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s middle name was his mother’s maiden, but he’s not the only famous member of the Delano family. Other prominent members include President Calvin Coolidge, nuclear physicist David Delano Clark, and photographer James Whitlow Delano. There are several towns throughout the country named Delano after various family members.

Devereux- Delano with a French accent. It’s usually pronounced DEV-er-oh, but variant spellings and pronunciations exist. It’s a great option for the nickname Dev.

Dohasan- I’ll occasionally come across parents who are looking for truly American names, and there aren’t many. But this one fits the bill: Dohasan (also called Dohosan, Tauhasen, and Touhason) was the last chief of the Kiowa tribe in the Missouri Valley. I couldn’t find a trustworthy source, but my best guest (based on variant transcriptions) is DO-ha-sin or do-HA-sin.

Dijana- A Slavic variant of Diana pronounced dee-YAH-na or DEE-yah-nah, Dijana could be a great way to honor a Diane.

Dilys- Welsh for “genuine,” Dilys makes a great feminine update on Dylan.


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