Names for a Blizzard Baby

There was a snowstorm here yesterday, which of course got me thinking about names for babies born in a blizzard. I couldn’t find any names that meant “terrible timing, little one,” but some of the names below may work.

Eira, Eirwen- Both names come from the Welsh word meaning “snow.” They’re gentle, airy names, almost like snow itself.

Pyry- This Finnish male name means “blizzard.” The y’s are pronounced like the u sound in the words “rue” or “uber,” so phonetically, Pyry is more like“pue-rue.” I would expect most Americans to say Pie-ree.

Winter- An up and coming unisex word name, Winter is just starting to catch on. It remains unranked for boys but stands at #549 for girls.

Boris- This Eastern European name may be so far out it’s in. Its origins are uncertain, but it’s believed to come from the word for “wolf” or “snow leopard.”

Snow- A blizzard name for fans of the literal.

Nieves- Translate snow into Spanish and you’ve got a thinly disguised snowy baby name. Nieves is a common Spanish surname, especially in Puerto Rico.

Audra- It’s a variant of Audrey (“noble strength”), but also the Lithuanian word for snow. Broadway actress Audra McDonald is arguably the most famous bearer.

Primrose- The primrose (prime rose) was so named because it is among the first plants to flower after winter. It could make a good option for a girl born at the end of a hard winter, literally or metaphorically.

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