An X at the End

Maybe this trend was started by the Jolie-Pitts, or maybe they just helped fuel it, but x at the end names are more fashionable than ever! Below are a few of the most interesting choices.

Calix- This Latin name could be an interesting route to the nickname Cal.

Calytrix- Not a female form of Calix, but instead the name of an Australian flower. As Calix is to Cal, Calytrix is to Callie.

Ajax- The name of not one, but two Greek heroes could appeal to modern parents. The only problem? The brand of cleaning products.

Bellatrix- Bellatrix has a lot going for it: it’s a star in the constellation Orion, it’s got an upbeat –x ending and a fierce meaning, and trendy nickname Bella is an obvious possibility. Unfortunately, the evil Harry Potter character may have knocked this one out of the realm of possibility.

Devereux- This French surname , pronounced Dev-er-oh, could make a novel formal name for Dev.

Margaux- Pronounced just like Margo, this frillier spelling is based on the name of a French town.

Ganix- This exotic Basque variant of John could appeal to parents looking for something a little different.

Beatrix- Beatrix, meaning “voyager,” isn’t quite back yet, but sister Beatrice is steadily rising, so Beatrix may not be far behind.

Viatrix- An older form of Beatrix, it can be pronounced with the first syllable rhyming with “bee” or “by.”

Max- Max is back big time. It’s ranked #118 for boys, but longer forms like Maxwell and Maximilian are on the rise, and it’s even caught on a bit as a nickname for girls.

Lux- The Latin word for light is catching on as a middle.

Pax, Knox, Maddox-The Jolie-Pitt boys’ names have caught on. Maddox has gotten especially popular- It’s jumped from being unranked in 2002 all the way to its current rank of #146, and it’s still rising.

Rex- The Latin word for “king” has long been a favorite for canine family members, but it’s catching on for human babies too.

Nyx- This Greek goddess name is short and frills-free, good for parents wanting a more tailored name for their daughter.

Lennox- Though it’s newly popular, it has a long history of use. There’s even a character called Lennox in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Bronx- This New York borough made it on the baby name map when Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz chose it for their son.

Phoenix- The phoenix is reborn from its own ashes- a great name for a baby born at a time of strife for their parents.

Aviatrix- A word name, Aviatrix is the female equivalent to “Aviator.” Its similarity to Ava could appeal to some, but the similarity to “dominatrix” may be a turn-off.

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