Names for a Revolution

Whether you lie on the political right or left, emotions run high on inauguration days like today. And “revolution” is certainly a theme of the day, whether you’re inclined to believe that Donald Trump’s election was a political revolution or is something to revolt against. A friend of mine is due with her second child any day now, and it got me thinking- what if I were to have a child born on a historically significant day like today? Would I acknowledge the birthdate with the name? Or just pick my favorite? I lean towards the former, so I compiled a list of names suited to a historic time.

Devrim- This Turkish name meaning “revolution” is an easily pronounceable but exotic route to the nickname Dev.

Renata, Renat- These names come from Latin meaning “born again,” but were sometimes bestowed by communist Russian parents as an acronym for “revolyusiya nauka trud,” or “revolution, science, labor.” It’s a revolutionary name, for sure, but probably not the type of revolutionary that American parents would appreciate.

Signy- This Norse mythology name means “new victory,” fitting for parents celebrating a political victory.

Nikias- Nikias has a similar meaning to Signy- it’s a form of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.” I chose this particular variation because it wasn’t featured on my Nicholas post.

Ethan- While some parents celebrate, others are dreading the next few years. For the latter group, Ethan, a Hebrew name meaning “enduring,” could fit the bill.

Dante- Like Ethan, Dante means “enduring,” but with a more Italian flavor.

Roxana- Roxana is an ancient name meaning “bright” or “dawn,” fitting for the start of something new.

Amaia- Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end- and for parents who see today as more of an ending than a beginning, this Basque name meaning “the end” could appeal.

Mary- One of the most common names in history has surprisingly mysterious origins. One theory, fitting for this post, is that it came from a Hebrew name meaning “rebelliousness.” Other meaning possibilities are “sea of bitterness,” “wished for child,” and “beloved.”

Maverick, Rebel, Rogue- The simplest way to name while expressing a protest? Just use a word! Maverick, Rebel, and Rogue denote independence and bold defiance of authority. Maverick took on an additional political connotation in 2008 when then- VP candidate Sarah Palin famously used the word to refer to herself.


Note: I’m very active politically, but I tried to keep my opinions to myself in this post. If you can’t tell what side I’m on, I’ve done my job! Readers of all political stripes are welcome here.

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