Fascinating B Names

Many names I love start with B. It’s a strong consonant, and I think it gives names a bit of toughness. The following are some of the B names I find most interesting- part 2 of 26.

Bodhi- The first name on the list is also the most popular. Bodhi means “enlightenment” and is a core concept of Buddhism. It’s recently become quite trendy among non-Buddhist parents in America, probably more due to its attractive sound than spiritual roots.

Bazyli- This Polish variant of Basil is upbeat and unusual- probably too unusual for most. But nickname Baz could make this fascinating name a little more wearable for an American child.

Bacchus- Another name for the Greek god Dionysus, Bacchus comes from a word meaning “to shout.” There’s also a type of grape called Bacchus, appropriate since the original bearer of the name was the god of wine.

Bohannon- Mix Bodhi and Gannon and you get this Irish surname. The surname is derived from the name Owen and is also spelled Bohannan.

Bes- Bess, as you probably know, is a nickname for Elizabeth. But take away an S and it’s a male name from an ancient Egyptian god. The god Bes was a protector of households, particularly newborn babies and pregnant women.

Briallen- This Welsh name meaning “primrose” is the rare combination of highly unusual and easily wearable. It could also be a nod to the Scottish ballad Barbara Allen, later covered by Simon & Garfunkel as Barbriallen. The original Welsh pronunciation is tricky, but the pronunciation used in the song would be intuitive for most Americans.

Briseis- In Greek mythology, Briseis was a central figure in the Trojan War. Her story is a tragic one and has been portrayed in numerous works of art including the novels Kassandra and Daughter of Troy and the films The Firebrand and Troy.

Basia- Basia, pronounced BAHS-ya, is derived from a Hebrew name meaning “daughter of God.” Pronounced to rhyme with Sasha, it’s a Polish diminutive of Barbara.

Blix – I came across a site listing Blix as a Swedish female name meaning “joy,” but I couldn’t verify the etymology. It is most definitely a Norwegian surname. There was a male professional baseball player called Blix Donnelly (born Sylvester Urban).

Behati- Namibian model Behati Prinsloo, who is married to Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, brought this Afrikaans name into the spotlight. According to Prinsloo, her name means “blessing” and is a variant of Beatrice.


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