Names for a Revolution

Whether you lie on the political right or left, emotions run high on inauguration days like today. And “revolution” is certainly a theme of the day, whether you’re inclined to believe that Donald Trump’s election was a political revolution or is something to revolt against. A friend of mine is due with her second child […]

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Freshen Up: Alice

  Alice is a well-loved classic coming back into fashion after a drop that began in the 30’s. For parents who aren’t keen on the classic form, there are plenty of other options. Alix- This Medieval French variant of Alice (technically pronounced a-LEEKS) shares the toughness and spunk common to most –x ending names. I […]

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Botanical Boy Names

Botanical names are common for girls- Rose is a classic, Lily is in the top 30, and names like Iris and Violet are making a comeback. But botanical names are rarer for boys, especially names associated with plants that aren’t trees. I’ve compiled these botany-related names that I think could work for boys. Yarrow- If […]

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Fascinating B Names

Many names I love start with B. It’s a strong consonant, and I think it gives names a bit of toughness. The following are some of the B names I find most interesting- part 2 of 26. Bodhi- The first name on the list is also the most popular. Bodhi means “enlightenment” and is a core […]

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Site News #1!

Hello! As you can probably tell, this blog is fairly new. I’ve loved names for many years, but only recently started writing about them. I was surprised when I started the blog by how many people seem interested in reading about names- I thought I was alone in my wacky enthusiasm for onomastics! In order […]

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