Site News #4

Some of my regular readers may have noticed that my posts haven’t followed their usual schedule-I missed Friday and Tuesdays are normally new content rather than news. I had a family emergency that took me away from internet access, but I’m back now! Posting will resume every Tuesday/Friday this week.

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Fascinating H Names

Part 8/26 Hero- Hero is an odd name in that as a dictionary word, it’s mainly used for men (heroine being the usual feminine form) but it’s generally used for women as a name. There are female Heros in Greek mythology and Shakespeare. Harper- I find Harper fascinating for its trajectory on the popularity charts. […]

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Not Too Hip Names

I often hear the criticism on naming message boards that a name is “trying too hard.” It’s a rather odd thing to criticize. Of course parents try their hardest to give their children the best possible name. Of course it’s not a bad thing to put a lot of effort into naming a child. Nevertheless, […]

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Weapon and Warrior Names

There’s a strange trend popping up in America: super aggressive baby names, especially for boys. Names of guns and weapons of various kinds are gaining popularity. Weapons, warriors, and fighters have generally been associated with masculinity, so perhaps parents turn to these choices in an effort to find clearly masculine nontraditional names. I’ve wondered if […]

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Fascinating G Names

Part 7/26 Gaia- In Greek mythology, Gaia was the earth and mother or grandmother of dozens of other gods. Gaia is just a little different; it’s close to names like Maya, but distinct because of the hard g beginning. Galatea- Another Greek mythology name. In this case, Galatea was a statue created by Pygmalion that […]

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