When is Name Stealing Wrong?

I recently read the lament of a mother whose pregnant sister-in-law was considering a name very similar to her daughter’s. The names were very similar (think Ann and Anna) but not identical. The sister-in-law had asked how they would feel if she used “Ann.” She had started a very specific name theme with her older […]

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Lyrical Bohemian Names

The post is a little late this week- my apologies! I’ve always been fascinated by a certain type of name. Names that are kind of hippie names, but a little more specific. There are a few qualities they share: They’re always words- often drawn from nature, sometimes from other languages- but always words that are […]

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A Tidbit from Every State

I’ve recently gone over the data for each state, and it’s fascinating! Lots of surprising bits in there. Here’s what stood out to me: Alabama- Like much of the South, Alabama parents often gravitate more towards “trendy” popular names like Kylee rather than “classic” popular names like Eleanor. But there’s one glaring exception- Margaret ranks […]

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Site News #5

Due to increasing professional demands, I’m no longer able to publish twice a week. Keep an eye out for new posts every Friday, rather than every Friday and Tuesday. I hope to return to posting twice weekly by September, but for now, it’ll just be Fridays. Happy naming!

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The Names of Puerto Rico

The SSA releases data broken down by state. For US territories, there’s one list for Puerto Rico and one for all of the other territories (Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, and the US Virgin Islands) combined. Puerto Rico gets its own list because it’s the largest territory. With about 3.4 million residents, Puerto Rico […]

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